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If you've found this website, then chances are you're looking for a graphic designer.
I have been working as a graphic designer since 1986, when I graduated from the
University of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Yes, I learned graphic
design the old-fashioned way—without a computer. I'm not sure you can really call
yourself a graphic designer until you've cut off the end of your finger with an X-acto
knife! Much has changed, and I can honestly say that I prefer the computer over
the X-acto most days. Although I do miss coloring with magic markers for pay.

I worked in an ad agency for the first ten years of my career, and then headed off
into freelance and motherhood about the same time. Coming out of an agency that
specialized in medical advertising, I have enjoyed the variety of work that freelance
has offered. For the past 17 years, I have enjoyed designing projects for Cookbook
Publishers, a fundraising cookbook company based in Lenexa, Kansas, and Boys &
Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, just to name a couple of my favorite clients.
Other clients include Meyer Music (Blue Springs, Missouri), Integrity Resource Center
(Overland Park, Kansas), and Nashville CARES, a non-profit that cares for those
living with HIV/AIDS in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. I have also enjoyed working
with several local businesses in my hometown of Liberty, Missouri.

I am a one-woman show, so the process is fairly simple: You talk, I listen, and we
collaborate on great ideas. I have access to talented photographers and illustrators
who are able to bring our ideas to life. I do much of my own copywriting and am
able to help with editing content. Having had experience in all aspects of graphic
design from typesetting to printing, I am able to handle your project from conception
to finished product.

Give me a call! I look forward to talking with you about your advertising or
design project.